Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

Looking for the Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints? We've got you covered. But first, it's helpful to understand shin splints and why runners get them.


Shin splints are an extremely common running injury. Athletes suffer from it after overtraining, especially runners. This condition causes severe pain around the shinbone. So what causes shin splints? Shin splints usually occur when one overworks their body through strenuous exercise. Runners who abruptly increase their milage, or don't leave enough recovery time between exercise routines may suffer from shin splints. Runners coming back from injury too quickly may also suffer from this condition. Normally the pain decreases during exercise, so it is very difficult to feel what is the cutoff point before overworking all the shinbone.


Even a light jog or long slow running in poorly fitting shoes, running on overly hard surfaces or running uphill too much increases the probability of suffering from shin splints. Nevertheless, there's a better way. By wearing the best compression sleeves for shin splints, runners will accelerate the recovery process. Wearing compression sleeves will increase the flow of blood around the shinbone and that will assist in healing the shin. But what does the science say? Are compression sleeves helpful in treating shin splints, improving functionality or speeding up recovery? There have been numerous studies which demonstrated the effectiveness of compression socks and compression sleeves for endurance athletes.

Best Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

The science behind using compression sleeves for shin splints suggests that compression is helpful in improving operation and speeding up recovery. Fortunately there was a study done to find out if the best compression sleeves for shin splints might help recovery. Maarten Hendrik Moen and coworkers performed a controlled study in 2012. The aim of all the study was to find out whether all the functional outcome of three common shin splint treatment methods lead to all the very same results. The 3 methods were: retrieval jogging program, jogging program using additional stretching and strength exercises, and lastly recovery program with compression socks. The research found that all the subjects using compression socks recovered quicker.


We've previously written about the importance of calf compression sleeves for runners, and many of the reasons can be applied to treating shin splints. Compression sleeves limit swelling, keep muscles warm and loose, increase blood flow and help speed up the healing process. We also wrote about four ways to fix your shin splints, and one of those ways is to use compression sleeves or socks. So what makes Run Forever Sports Compression Sleeves the best compression sleeves for shin splints? First let's hear from Mike from Colorado.

Some of the other reasons why Run Forever Sports has the best compression sleeves for shin splints:

  • Alleviates pain and swelling with professional grade compression
  • Increases blood flow to reduce cramping and prevent shin splints
  • No slippage! Non-slip cuff and seamless construction create the perfect fit
  • Durability! Made with premium material so they are built to last
  • Keeps muscles warm and loose so you can maximize performance
  • Incredible comfort. You'll forget you have them on!
  • 20 - 25mmHG compression to boost circulation and blood flow

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