Raynaud's Disease and Compression Socks

Treating Raynaud's Disease with Compression Socks

Can Compression Socks help with Raynaud's Disease?


The Mayo Clinic says that with Raynaud's Disease, smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow. That creates vasospasm, which decreases blood circulation to all the affected areas. Raynaud's Disease affects some parts of your body in cold weather. Fingers and toes are most bothered by Raynaud's, although some also complain of cold nose, lips, and ears.

Having Raynaud's is certainly worse in winter and cold weather. It's more than just having cold fingers and toes. People with Raynaud's will see the color of their skin change turn white and/or blue and they can also have numbness or pain in those areas. You should see a doctor if you think you might have Raynaud's, as sometimes it is an indication of another underlying health condition.

Person with Reynaud's DiseaseA look at the effects on the hand of a person with Raynaud's Disease. 


The foremost indication of having Raynaud's Disease is poor blood circulation in the affected areas. Compression Socks can help people with Raynaud's because they promote better circulation. Run Forever Sports Compression Socks feature professional, graduated compression. This means that there is more compression at the bottom of the sock and less compression as we move toward the top of the sock below the knee. More compression at the bottom will help the blood move back toward the heart and in turn increase circulation. This is the number one goal for anyone with Raynaud's -- get the blood moving. 

Raynauds.org recommends compression socks for runners who suffer from Raynaud's Disease. We recommend them for all runners, as compression socks and calf compression sleeves help move the blood that pools in your feet and ankles back up toward the heart. This helps get rid of that "heavy legs" feeling, and better circulation is always good for your muscles to keep them warm and loose.

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