The Importance of Calf Compression Sleeves for Runners

Calf Compression Sleeves for Runners

As a runner, it's vital that you have the right equipment, as you would in any sporting endeavor. Obviously, you have things like shoes and clothes covered, but many people forget about calf compression sleeves. These are important for a number of reasons, so let's look into why you should be wearing calf compression sleeves when you run. 

The Importance of Calf Compression Sleeves for Runners

Compression Sleeves

- Compression Sleeves Limit Swelling. The technology in compression sleeves limits swelling in the body by providing proper circulation when you need it. This is crucial for runners, especially those running long distances, and for those runners who are older or not in peak shape. Your legs will suffer strain no matter how perfect your form. Calf compression sleeves will improve blood flow and increase muscle stabilization, which is a major deterrent to nagging injuries like shin splints.

- More Warmth = Looser Muscles. They provide an extra layer of warmth to your legs, and the graduated compression technology of Run Forever Sports Calf Compression Sleeves helps to keep muscles warm and blood moving. It's really important to moderate your body temperature as a runner. Cold, tight muscles are more likely to be damaged or strained. Calf compression sleeves help prevent that. 

- A Little More Protection. Are you a trail runner? Do you run in forest preserves? Calf compression sleeves add a layer of protection from all kinds of bugs and ticks, as well protecting you from getting nicks and cuts on your skin from branches, rocks, and anything else that comes from running in tough terrain.

- Quicker Healing. Compression sleeves help to heal muscles faster after a particularly grueling training session or race. It enables deoxygenated blood to circulate back into the body quicker, which is also good for the heart. This can also help prevent injury while you exercise, which runners are more likely to be affected by, but they are also great in helping you recover. This will let you run more often because you are less likely to be injured. 

It's easy to see why calf compression sleeves are important to runners. They improve performance, reduce soreness and stop muscles from tightening up. When getting equipment to be the best you can be as a runner, calf compression sleeves are a must! Get yours now right here at Run Forever Sports!