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All product reviews for Run Forever Sports including compression socks, calf sleeves, knee compression sleeves, plantar fasciitis sleeves, compression pants for women and more.
Based on 4199 reviews
Love these socks

Love the socks! Wish I had 10 pair

Good Quality, Good support

Comfortable, a bit hard to put on so if in doubt get a larger size. I am not a runner but bought for slight ankle swelling and they did the job. Would recommend for quality and also they are good looking.

Compression Socks

They are far better in quality then any of the other different brands I’ve purchased.

Great product, great service

I hoped this product was going to help my knee after having meniscus surgery, and it did everything I had hoped for.

fantastic!.. Comfortable yet compresses my loose knee

Absolutely fantastic product. I'm a life-long runner.. Have been since I was 14, then mile and two mile in high school and cross country in high school and college. I'm 58 now and had to stop running at 52 because of pain in my right knee.

I've tried a few times since then but the pain always came back.

I've even tried running with regular knee braces you can buy from Walgreens but these were ungiving and really didn't help. They forced me to run in a stilted fashion and the pain still came back a day or two after each run.

This product is great. I'm able to run again with no pain - and with the long, relaxed, stride I like. There is no pain afterwards either. I'll still be very careful how I build up my mileage but I have a strong faith this product will "hold everything in place" and be comfortable so that I will again be a regular runner..

Thank you so much for making this product!

Great compression and comfort!

The socks are surprisingly easy to put on, considering the amount of compression they provide. The socks are not tight around the toes. I have worn compression socks for 40+ years and these are the best I have used. I recommend hand washing them.

Get the right size!

Once I found the right size the elbow sleeve fit great and felt that it was beneficial. I ordereded the wrong size at first...if your close on the size limit order the next size up to be safe.

Amazing product and amazing customer service!

I’ve been dealing with shin splints from running for months. I had to take time off; kept my legs iced and elevated, and I used a lot of Ibuprofen. After months of resting, I would try to run, but each time, the pain would return. I couldn’t even use the elliptical machine. I was frustrated beyond description. I seldom visit a doctor - even the thought that I might have to call, created anxiety. Thankfully, I checked out Run Forever. After reading the reviews, I figured it would be cheaper (and less complicated than a doctor visit,) so I ordered the calf sleeves. They arrived last week. I’ve been running ever since! As I sit here and type, I have NO PAIN! I don’t know what will happen when I increase my time and miles but for now, I’m a happier camper.

Size: I am a 63 year old female who is 5’6” tall and a bit overweight (but muscular for my age). My calf measured 14 inches so I ordered a size large. Fit and comfort is subjective, however, I didn’t think the large provided enough compression.

Customer service: If I could, I would invest financially into this company based on their care and concern for their customers! I sent email to inquire about the fit. The representative informed me that for shin splints, I probably would be better off with a medium. She sent me a new pair that arrived days later! I am blown away and very grateful. I’ve told a few people about this company. Other businesses should pay attention.. treat people right and you’ll have them for life.


Thank you Run Forever Sports for the Patella Brace! Prior to purchasing this item, I would experience knee pain after my run. Now, thanks to my Patella Brace, I no longer suffer from knee pain after my run. I can run on the pavement, pain-free! I am so glad I purchased this item. It has put me back on track- literally!!!

Used for Plantar Faciitis Issue

Have worn several times. Very good quality and good compression. Received very quickly and great support from owners of questions about size etc... Next version I hope has more padding in heal, but not a big enough issue not to buy again. Would buy again for this use. Cheers

Great socks

The fit is very good and the compression is perfect for me. Highly recommended.

Calf compression sleeve

These seem to be doing the trick... I’m on my feet up to 13 hours a day tracking upwards of 20k steps. I was getting bad leg cramps that seems to have subsided since wearing these... it’s been almost a week, I am impressed

Made a difference!

Your customer service was fantastic… And the compression socks literally changed my quality-of-life thank you

As good as it gets.

Finally found the size I needed. Wonderful company replaced the "too small" ones for free. Great service, apparently great product. I've only had them a short while and worn them a few times. They are helping me get over shin splints.

Great product

The compression socks are truly all day every day! Extremely comfortable, non binding, my legs, feet and and ankles are feeling so much better now.

Excellent customer service!

Great product, excellent customer service.


Love the product. Waiting for full body sleeve!

Exactly as expected

The product is exactly as advertised. Prompt delivery. Unfortunately, did not do me any good so far. But plantar fasciitis is like that - you never know what will work and what won't in each individual case.


Calf Compression Sleeves


The calf compression sleeves are really good! They feel good and they work! Happy

Excellent Full length compression sock

This is the second pair of compression socks from Run forever sports the first pair was ankle and the second pair is full length. Both have great quality great support and feel extremely comfortable the sizing is spot on using their sizing tables I highly recommend them.

Great product

The plantar fasciitis sleeves provided very welcome relief in just a few days. Highly recommend the company and the products they offer


Great comfort and support but did begin to slide down after I wore it for 3 hours.

Great customer service

When i received my plantar fasc. sleeves, they were too big. When I emailed the company, they called to tell me that they would send me the smaller pair for free and that I would not need to return. This was so helpful because I have never ordered them before and wasn’t sure which range I should order in. So, I would suggest if you are a woman’s 11 and your feet are narrow, go for the medium. Oh, and on top of that they are comfortable! He can’t wear them with shoes but I can wear them around my house and when I’m wearing sandals.
Thx Run Forever Sports!

Great fit

Just purchased an elbow sleeve and it works and feels great...the sizing chart was very helpful...
Recommend you try one....