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All product reviews for Run Forever Sports including compression socks, calf compression sleeves, knee compression sleeves, plantar fasciitis sleeves, compression pants for women and more!
Based on 4246 reviews
Review of All Day Every Day Compression Socks (20-30mmHg)

Impressed with how well they alleviate the swelling in my lower legs while still being comfortable to wear.

Customer service at it's best

great job, the second pair of sleeves you sent me fit much better than the pair i ordered. thanks a lot, Walt witkowski

Women's XLR8 Compression Pants
Workout long pantd

Feels good on my body

Instant Relief

I cannot live without these compression socks. Instant pain relief when I wear them!

No Complaints

Looks good and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Compression Sleeves

Great product, great fit, and great customer service for a great price!

Women's XLR8 Compression Shorts

Great quality product for the price. I love how comfortable and durable it is!

Support & comfort

This was my second knee compression sleeve. My first is still doing service but I wanted to be able to alternate sleeves. Excellent firm support without binding and comfort from the beginning to the end of my runs. Recommended!

compression sleeves

these are outstanding. so easy to put on. perform as a compression sleeve should. easy to clean. long lasting. I like them.

Satisfied customer so far

I’ve been wearing compression socks and they really compress my toes, so I decided to try the calf only sleeves. I’ve only used them one week, but so far I’m very satisfied and it’s giving my toes the break they needed. They don’t due quite as well as the sock, but I’m satisfied with the results. The sleeves still cut down on the over all swelling, and they’re a heck of a lot easier to put on and take off. I’m going to order a couple more pair of sleeves. Satisfied customer!

Support socks.

Tried several different support socks. Yours are the most comfortable once you get them on. Thank you.

Knee Compression Sleeve

I am very pleased with the knee compression sleeve. It is comfortable to wear and does not slide down. I would recommend this to anyone with knee problems.


Excellent support. I'm able to wear it with my shoes / boots and being completely comfortable.

Women's XLR8 Compression Pants
Love My Compression Pants

I used the sizing chart to pick the size and they fit perfectly. I use these for yoga practice and they are very comfortable. I have other yoga leggings that are similar and my Compression Pants are half the price and the quality is just as good. I recommend these to anyone looking for good-fitting leggings for yoga.

Great product!

I was in the search for my first set of compression sleeves when I was recommended these after I Googled "the best compression sleeves." I bought my first pair on Amazon and couldn't be more satisfied. Great fitting and give so much support. I suffered shin splints but no more! I use them in all of my races and long training runs. I now will order other pairs just for the color variations. Get these you will not be disappointed!!


Not helping with foot and ankle pain.
Possibly decreases movement.

Awesome quality and quick service

They are awesome, best customer service ever
I ordered M size elbow brace and i found it kinda tight, i asked to get L size to see if they are more comfortable than M, they told me to take my time to try them out before returning whatever size I decide not to keep it

Kind people work there

Love calf compression sleeve

I am 5 feet tall and usually wear S size, but I ordered M size because my calves are big. I thought sleeves are bit long. However, the length isn't bother me at all while running. I even wear them all day at work and my calves feel good. I will order again (this time S size)!

Great product...fast delivery!

Great product....fast delivery!

Excellent product, info and service

Very happy with the compression sleeves from RunForeverSports. Great quality and they provide excellent information about wear and care and their product is available at a very reasonable price.Well worthwhile product.

Great Knee Compression Sleeves

After trying so many other brands this is the best knee sleeve I got. It has a very good support and smooth material. Loved it.

Good product

Been having a lot of pain in calf muscle and shins could barely run tried these compression sleeves out they helped out big time not very much pain at all while wearing them!

The best calf compression sleeves ever. Thank you.

Compression socks

These socks are great - I have big legs and it is hard to find comfortable socks.
These socks are a great fit - they can be worn for a long time.