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I’m pleased with the delivery of the product, also looking forward to doing business in the future.


I had never had pants like these before so I was really surprised that they are so comfortable. I am really enjoying them!

Good fit / Value

First time user of compression socks. The product is very comfortable and works. Only objection is the stocking gets tight just behind/ under the knee and at the ankle. Might be I need to get use to wearing them. Would buy again.

Very pleased

I have found your product is everything I expected. Well done!

Sleeping with them works wonders

Excellent All Around

The style is great, I love the fact that the American Flag style is an option. The sleeves fit well and are a great option for someone looking to live an active life style. I’ve used them kayaking, paddle boarding, and doing yoga.
Washing: I hand washed mine in the sink and then let them hang dry. They did not lose shape or color after several washes.
Durability: Like I stated earlier, I have used them in a variety of activities and they have withstood the abuse I’ve put them through. I have been very pleased with the way they have held up.
Overall: I have no issues with these sleeves. My only regret is that I didn’t order more than one pair.

Compression knee sleeve

Perfect, just what I needed. Fits well and is comfortable

Best compression

I have ordered compression sleeves and socks and both are great.. the delivery was quick too.

foot compression sleeves are great for fallen arches

As an active senior citizen, my arches have fallen. I wear these compression foot sleeves in place of and in addition to shoe inserts depending on whether I'm back packing, jogging, or just walking. It takes the pressure off the arch and I feel I have better balance. I have one pair and intend to get a couple more at least. Great to wear with sandals.

Great Product

Had a calf injury that healed but calf would still swell if on feet a long time. Decided to try calf compression sleeve on the affected calf—no more swelling!!!

I Can't Believe It!!

I just got them and have had them on for two hours. My ankles and feet are always swollen but now the swelling in my right ankle has decreased and the left ankle, which was not swollen as much, is looking and feeling really good. I will sleep in them tonight and wear them again tomorrow. I may just live in them from now on!. Can it be that simple? I sure hope so!

Top too tight

The calf compression sleeves are well made except the top is too narrow and makes it uncomfortable to wear.

Knee compression sleeve is a life (exercise) saver

I had my patella removed due to a car accident as a teen. Now in my early 60's, my tendon started slipping and causing my leg to collapse. The knee compression sleeve has allowed me to the the necessary PT to rehabilitate my knee. Also use when biking. I'm 5' tall and 98 lbs. A small is perfect.

My husband has a tear in his MCL. On my suggestion, he ordered a sleeve and is now back to playing basketball (at age 75). He is 5'7", 150 lbs and got a medium. Again, perfect. We're about to order him another b/c he sweats A LOT when hooping and doesn't want to miss a day.


Comfort and support

I work at night as a security officer, I’ve found wearing your compression socks makes my legs and feet feel really energized throughout my whole shift.

Calf Compression Sleeves (Pair) - 20-25mmHg

Perfect for my needs

Just bought the Compression Sleeves, and they fit perfectly with enough pressure. Also seems like they will be durable and last a while. height is good for a person 5'7"

Awesome product and service!

Fit of compression sleeve was perfect. Received in just a few days. Love them!


tried several different knee straps. none works like the Patella Strap.......

Surprisingly satisfied customer

Many companies claim to have a "no hassle" return policy but this company does! I ordered a knee support according to their measurement suggestions and found the support to be comfortable but felt like I could use a little more support. I shared this with the customer satisfaction through email and they sent me one size smaller immediately with no jumping through hoops or questions, support works great.

Love them

I had been having some pain in my legs when I run. Decided to give these a try and I love them. Easy on and off, great matrial. Will buy more!

Great customer service

The socks were too tight and they responded appropriately.

Compression Sleeves

I purchased these calf sleeve with the hopes of them solving the calf pain I feel on my distance runs. I don’t know if I purchased the wrong pressure, or if my problem is something else, but the sleeves aren’t helping very much, if at all. They’re comfy and make me feel great while I’m wearing them, but I still experience the calf pain regardless.

Foot Compression Sleeves

The foot compression sleeves have worked perfectly. They are easy and comfortable to wear and, most importantly, they have helped greatly reduce and all but eliminate any foot pain I was having with my running activity.

New compression socks

I have only worn them once but I liked them and the material and construction seem to be of high quality. I am racing Saturday and will have a better idea after that.