The Benefits of Long Slow Running (LSD)

Benefits of Long Slow Running

Long slow distance (LSD) running is similar to running a half-marathon but at a casual and leisurely pace. It is a great choice for people who want to stay active but don't want to stress themselves too hard. The elderly and injury-prone people benefit the most from LSD because they can stay active without risking burnout. This type of exercise is not designed for professional athletes. It is designed for people who just want to have some fun or get started with their running journeys.

The slow pace of long slow distance running means that it is a great exercise for a group because people can keep up with the pace and even converse along the way. Long slow runs are done at a pace of about twenty percent of the usual marathon pace. At this pace, your body may not be in the aerobic zone that strengthens and widens capillaries, however, regular practitioners and professional athletes as well report that LSD runs give their body a kind of massage that loosens up their joints and ligaments without the burnout that comes with high-intensity workouts.

Benefits of Long Slow Running

Long slow distance running has plenty of benefits. Your joints and muscles benefit the most from any kind of strenuous activity and your cardiovascular system benefits as well because it strengthens your heart and increases blood flow to your muscles. Long slow running may not be very intensive however it still requires energy, therefore, it reduces your fat stores to give you a leaner body.

The benefits of LSD runs are emotional as well. While marathon runners are concentrating on their heart rate and pushing themselves to the max, LSD runners are able to enjoy the scenery and company while they run. 

While long, slow running is easier on the body than traditional distance running, it isn't a guarantee to stay injury free. If you're just starting running or getting back into it, your body isn't in prime shape. Issues like shin splints and other maladies can still affect you. We recommend you add some calf compression sleeves or compression socks to your running gear to ensure you are reducing muscle vibrations, as well as keeping your muscles warm and loose.

We hope you enjoy your new journey into long slow running!