Five Steps to Start Running

A guide to start running

5 Steps That Can Get Anyone Across the Finish Line

Looking to get healthy, look great, and maybe even make a friend or two in the process? Then running is a good choice for you! Here’s a quick guide to starting out:

1. Get Your Gear

All you truly need to begin running is a comfortable pair of shoes. As you gain more experience, you may wish to invest in extra gear such as a phone holder, head/armbands, compression gear, or new clothes -- but don’t let an initial lack of equipment hold you back from taking those important first steps!

2. Make a Plan

Consistency is key to progress in most endeavors, and running is no exception. Establish a routine for yourself, starting at a comfortable weekly mileage and increasing gradually with each passing week.

3. Sign Up For Your First Race

If this thought sounds intimidating, don’t sweat it! Putting an upcoming 5 or 10k on your calendar, (and paying for it) is a surefire way of keeping yourself motivated, even during those inevitable moments of fatigue or soreness! For those interested in challenging themselves, here is a database of the biggest 10ks across the US, but remember to check local resources for a race near you!

4. Take Care of Yourself

The long-term health benefits of running are well-documented; however, as with any exercise, there is some level of risk involved. This is why taking small steps to care for yourself -- i.e. stretching, eating right, and cross-training -- is so important. For people who have suffered injuries in the past, compression socks and sleeves can help minimize risks while improving performance. Click here to read about the importance of calf compression sleeves for runners!

5. Keep Progressing!

One reason why running is such a rewarding activity is that there is always an opportunity for improvement. If you are looking to take your running and fitness to the next level, then spending a bit more time browsing the Run Forever Sports blog is a great way of gaining valuable insights!