Do You Run With Headphones?

Runner with headphones

6 Reasons to Leave the Headphones at Home During Your Next Run

If you are one of the countless runners who like jamming out to your favorite tunes on the go, you may wish to reconsider. Here’s why:

1. Master Your Pacing.

Hearing your footsteps and breathing can help you focus in on your pace, ensuring that you optimize your approach and minimize your times.

2. Train In Race-Mode.

Many formal events do not allow runners to utilize headphones as a matter of safety. For this reason, training without headphones is a smart strategic training decision that will help make you more prepared for your next competition.

3. Be More Aware of Your Surroundings.

Speaking of safety, running without headphones will make it easier for you to notice the traffic and people around you, allowing you to make smart safety decisions while training.

4. Travel Lighter.

Without your mp3 player, headphones, and mp3 holder, you will have three fewer items to worry about losing or damaging.

5. Enjoy the World Around You.

One reason why running is so enjoyable is that it offers a unique way of engaging with the world around you. Leaving the headphones at home makes it easier to hear the birds, listen to the sounds of the city, and maybe even cross paths with a new running buddy.

6. Treat Your Ears Right.

You probably already know that listening to loud music for too long can damage your ears -- but what you may not have heard is that engaging in exercise while listening to music makes you extra susceptible to such injury. This is because working out draws blood away from your inner-ears, leaving sensitive hair follicles weaker.

In Conclusion:

Using (or not using) headphones is a personal decision -- but we highly recommend either leaving those earbuds at home or at least keeping the volume to a reasonable minimum.