5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

Stay fit over the holidays

The holidays are time filled with love, laughter, family and… calories. And while all of those little indulgences seem harmless at first, they can have a lingering effect on your body long after the holidays have passed. A cup of egg nog here, and a sandwich there, followed by a piece of pie and specialty holiday beer can start to add up! It’s a vicious cycle, is it not?

Don’t get caught in the Christmas Calorie Despair.

We’ve put together a little list of ways that you can stay fit during the holiday season despite the temptations you may run into. So, if you’re struggling to stay fit this season, check out the list below.

#1: Verbalize Your Goals to a Family Member

Before the festivities start, have an honest conversation with your spouse or trusted family member. Tell them your goal and why you’re setting limits on your diet this season. Ask them to help hold you accountable during the holiday season. Telling someone your goal will help remind yourself why you’re focused on limiting your calorie intake and help keep your word. And, if they see you getting a little out of control, they can have an honest conversation to help set you back on the right path to your healthy lifestyle.

#2: Sign Up for a Holiday Run

There is no shortage of holiday fun runs. Whether it’s a 5k or a half marathon, any type of running commitment will help to you on track over the holidays. Signing up for a run forces you to keep running and stay active over the holidays when you might otherwise just snuggle on the couch and watch movies all day. Give yourself a little extra motivation and sign up for that run this holiday season.

#3: Put Running Gear on Your Christmas List

Ask your family members to shower you with running gear this season. Opening all of your new swag will encourage you to get out there and try it on over the holidays. Look good, feel good, do good! Not sure what to ask for as gifts, take a minute to browse through our store for some awesome running products you really shouldn’t be running without.

#4:Start Your New Year’s Goals Early

Who says that New Years Resolutions have to start in January? Go the extra mile and start your resolutions a week early. By starting early you’ll be on the path to a healthy lifestyle before everyone else has even begun!

#5: Make a Health-Conscious Dish to Pass

While it’s very tempting to make comfort food that’s filled with butter and white flour, resist! Instead, make a healthy dish to pass that can fill your plate and fill you up! Then, as you’re going through the food line, pile your healthy dish on your plate, leaving little room for the other less-healthy options. This way you’ll still be a part of the happenings, but you won’t be packing in the calories you would have otherwise.

Remember, the holidays are time to celebrate. So here’s to a very happy and healthy nee year!! Try doing these small things to help kickstart your healthy, satisfying new year.

What tricks do you do when you’re trying to stay healthy in the commotion of the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

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