Easy Ways to Stay Motivated this Winter

Easy ways to stay motivated this winter for running

What is it about the cold weather that makes us want to stay inside? Why is it so hard to stay motivated in the long winter months?

The cold weather, it seems, has a powerful way of making us forget all about that running schedule we made way back in the spring. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that as the days get shorter, so too does our inspiration for an active lifestyle wane.

But, friends, don’t let the winter get the best of you! Get ahead of the winter blues and use these simple tricks to stay motivated this season.

#1: Get Invested in a New Podcasts

Podcasts are a runner’s dream come true! Not only are they easy to access on your workout, but they can also be very addictive. And its these addictive qualities that make them perfect for working out. As a little trick, only let yourself listen to your podcasts as you workout. By limiting when you can listen to them, you’ll want to hit the trails just so you can plug in to your podcast. So, scan I-tunes and find a podcast that you can get into this winter.

#2: Reward Yourself Regularly

Use a reward system to help yourself get out this winter. Tell yourself that after a certain amount of workouts you can buy yourself something new. But not just anything new. Buy yourself by something that will help encourage you to continue running. So, whether it’s a new pair of running pants or a pair of compression sleeves, invest in something that will help to inspire you to keep running.

#3: Find a Community of Runners

Stop trying to work out on your own. Working out alone can seem alienating, and that loneliness can often lead way to just giving up… especially when it’s cold outside and everyone you know is inside. So, go ahead and join a running group this winter. By having people you run with, you’ll also gain a community of people who can help hold you accountable.

#4: Find a New Mood of Workout

Just because you consider yourself a “runner”, doesn’t mean you can ONLY run. Use the winter months to try a different type of work out. For instance, you could use the community pool and swim laps every morning, or you could join a gym and take a hot yoga class. Any activity is better than no activity. So, don’t get stuck on the idea of having to run. Get your workout in by trying something new.

#5: Sign up for Netflix and the Gym

Use your phone, I-pad or gym television to access your Netflix account. Instead of doing all your winter sitcom binge watching from bed, try watching it while you work out at the gym. By signing up for Netflix and the gym, you can catch up on all your television while you burn a few calories– it’s a real win-win.

#6: Run in the Sun

The hardest thing about running in the winter, is actually finding the sunlight to do it. Look up when the sun rises and sets each day and plan your day accordingly. Planning your run around the sun may require you to change your schedule a little bit. You might have to run during your lunch break or pack some clothes to go for a run before you can come home. Running in the sunshine will give you a little boost of Vitamin D and help improve your mood for the rest of the day. So, plan ahead and soak up as much sun as you can… even if it’s only 20 degrees outside.

Try these little tips and stay on track this winter. Remember, be safe and don’t push your outdoor run as much as you would might have in the summer. Enjoy the season for what it is and just keep running, just keep running, just keep running…

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