The Biggest Benefits of Compression Sleeves

The Biggest Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Take a look at some of the biggest benefits of compression sleeves!

#5 Bye, Bye Varicose Veins

Because varicose veins can be both a health risk and an eye sore, why not try using compression sleeves to aid your varicose veins? How does it work? Well, compression sleeves improve your circulation. And all of that blood running smoother and more regularly in your system means improved varicose veins.

#4 They’re Basically Ear Muffs for Your legs

Well, kind of. When you run, your legs experience a constant BOOM BOOM BOOM from your footsteps. Like a drum beat on repeat. Wearing compression sleeves helps to muff that perpetual beating, providing instant and long-term relief for your legs.

#3 Ahhhh… Sweet, Sweet Recovery

Compression sleeves help to improve your recovery time… did you know that? After a work out, your blood flow becomes essential for a healthy cool down. Lucky for you, compression sleeves can be worn to help regularize your blood flow— meaning recovering just got a whole lot easier.

#2 Peace Out, Puffy Legs

Poor circulation causes your legs to become puffy and irritated. But, by wearing compression sleeves, your blood pressure improves and that swelling goes down. That’s why compression sleeves are so great for people who are constantly on their feet all day.

#1 They Can Help to Improve Your Running Time

Say what? Yeah, you heard that right. We recently came across studies that showed that compression sleeves, when regularly worn, can help to improve your running time. Pretty stellar, right?

If the benefits of compression sleeves are new to you, make sure that you check out our blog post on why compression socks and compression sleeves are good for calf pain. You can also order compression sleeves right now! Why waste another day suffering from the impact of poor circulation? Compression sleeves and socks increase blood flow from your feet back to your heart, which increases healing and alleviates pain and discomfort. Whether you're dealing with calf pain, shin splints, or just tired and sore legs, compression sleeves will help!

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