The Importance of Warming Up Before a Run

Warming up before running

Get your body ready before you shoot out the door.

Once you find the motivation to hit the pavement for a run, it is tempting to get moving at top speed. Unfortunately, starting a run at full speed without a proper warmup increases your risk for injury and burnout.

If you start your run too quickly, you run the risk of pulling a muscle or straining a bone, tendon or joint. You also could get yourself into a pace that is difficult to maintain which can lead to burnout.

A good warmup gives your joints, muscles, and bones a chance to loosen up and brings your heart rate up gradually, which can make it easier to get into a pace you can sustain during a run without feeling exhausted halfway through.

Before your next run, warm up with these three steps:

Walk. Spend 3 to 5 minutes simply walking. Many runners skip this step but starting off with a low-intensity activity is important for easing your body into workout mode. Walking helps the tendons, joints, and muscles to move in a range of motion similar to the motions they will undergo during running. Walking helps to bring up the temperature in the muscles and core while enhancing blood flow to all of the body.

Incorporate strides. Do several 100-meter strides or pickups. This helps to flood the muscles with blood and help your body to further transition into running mode. You can do strides like this:

  • Slowly jog for about 2 minutes.
  • Gradually increase your speed in the next 60 to 100 meters, then bring your speed back down.
  • Walk around and shake your legs for 90 seconds after each stride.
  • Stride back again.
  • Aim to do this 5-6 times. Remember to not overexert yourself yet. You are simply warming up.

Stretch. Dynamic stretches are now the stretch to do pre-run. Loosen up muscles and increase your heart rate, blood flow and body temp with these exercises: squat with walkout, jumping jacks and forward jacks.

One of the benefits of compression socks is they help you warm up quickly and stay warm. 

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