Increase Your Long Distance Running Safely

Increase Your Long Distance Running Safely

Increase Your Distance No Matter The Mileage.

A long run can mean one distance to one runner and a completely different distance to another. It is completely individual, depending on where you are in your running journey. How your body feels, what you are training for and other factors may play into it. Follow these tips to increase your distance regardless of how far you run.

Stick to a Schedule

To effectively increase your distance, you should aim for steady increases in your mileage with occasional drops for maximum results. The best way to do this is to create and stick to a schedule.

Try to increase your mileage by 10-25 percent each week if you are just starting out. If you are a seasoned runner and run upwards of 10 miles each week, opt to increase your distance by 10-15 percent each week. Of course, keep in mind that your body may not respond well to such drastic increases. If you need to scale back some, it’s okay.

Every fourth week, decrease the volume of your run by as much as 40 percent to allow time for your body to recover.

Write the schedule down and stick to it!


Form often goes first when we are tired. You can counteract this by maintaining proper technique during a run. Opt for mid-run drills to enforce mechanics. For example, after 30 minutes of running, do 2 x 30 second high skips. This can help to wake up other muscle groups to get everything firing again, which can enhance your running form.

Stay Balanced

Aim to keep your longer runs balanced with your shorter runs in order to continually make progress. Your long distance runs should account for about 30 percent of your weekly mileage.

Remember that you should always be able to carry a conversation during a run. Also try to remember to take about 10 nose breaths every 15 minutes. If you can’t, slow down your pace.

Wear Compression Socks

Whether you are going for long runs, trail runs or even participating in virtual races, compression socks or sleeves should be your favorite running partner!