Alleviate Elbow Pain with Compression

Alleviate elbow pain with Run Forever Sports Compression Sleeves

Learn How to Alleviate Elbow Pain with Compression!

You're having a conversation with a fellow runner and they mention they aren't running much right now because they're injured. You immediately look down, assuming a foot, knee or leg injury, right? Most often that is the case, but sometimes runners are sidelined due to arm and elbow injuries.

It sounds a little weird, but if you've had an elbow injury and tried to run with it, you quickly realize the pivotal role your arms play in your gait. And if you're feeling pain or discomfort your run isn't going to be as good -- if you can run at all. As always, a trip to the doctor is in order if you are unable to determine the severity of your injury. But here are some of the most common elbow injuries that runners deal with and try to gut out.

Tendonitis is an overuse injury that is also referred to as Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow. In tendonitis, the elbow tendons get strained and then inflamed which is increased through movement.

Bursitis, aka Popeye's Elbow, is a condition in which the bursa sac becomes injured and inflamed or swollen. The elbow joint usually stiffens with bursitis and movement can be painful.

UCL or Ulnar Collateral Ligament injuries are most common in baseball pitchers. In fact, the standard surgery for a torn ulnar collateral ligament is referred to as Tommy John Surgery. John was the first baseball player to have surgery where the ulnar collateral ligament was reconstructed with part of a different tendon. But if the UCL is intact it could just be inflamed or the ulnar nerve could be pinched.


Elbow Compression Sleeve
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Run Forever Sports was created to help runners stay healthy, reduce pain, and prevent injury. One of the best ways our products do that is through compression, which is a great help for anyone dealing with elbow injuries -- especially the big three mentioned above: tendonitis, bursitis, and pinched nerve. Here's what you can expect when you wear a Run Forever Sports Elbow Compression Sleeve:

  • Breathable, anti-odor material absorbs and wicks away sweat
  • Super comfortable! Soft and smooth -- you might not know it's on!
  • Non-slip technology means no sliding down the arm. The sleeve will stay in place. ZERO aggravation.
  • Designed to reduce elbow pain, inflammation, and soreness
  • Increases joint support and stability and improves blood circulation
  • Helps prevent injury while wearing during activities

If you're tired of dealing with nagging elbow pain then take action! Treat yourself to a Run Forever Sports Elbow Compression Sleeve to stay active and reduce pain!