Meet the Ambassador: Andi Salazar

Run Forever Sports Ambassador Andi Salazar

Meet Run Forever Sports Ambassador Andi Salazar!

  • Favorite place to run: My local park, hiking trails.
  • Music that always gets you pumped to run: I love listening to electronic dance music, I feel like it really elevates my heart rate and helps me run at a faster pace.
  • Favorite races to run: Running for charitable causes is always a great way to get out and run, also running 5K's are always great for a challenge at getting fast miles.
  • Best running accomplishment: My best running accomplishment would have to be just seeing my paces get faster every week, every day I feel a little bit stronger and a lot closer to being able to compete in races at a more competitive level
  • Favorite health benefit from running: Enjoying running and cycling as a hobby has really allowed me to be healthy and obtain a fit physique, I feel like if anyone is looking to lose weight running would be a great option and during the process you might even fall in love with the sport and begin to enter into races and make it a life long hobby that will benefit your health.
  • Dream race: Boston Marathon
  • Running goals: My goal is to enter into more races and place, I also would like to encourage other people in my community to get out and RUN because it's a lot of fun!
  • Favorite runner that motivates you: Emma Coburn! Olympic US runner.
  • Favorite Run Forever Sports product: I love the Compression Sleeves! They have really helped me run a lot faster without any pain or heavy legs. I usually wear them during my runs because they make my legs feel weightless, and the days I wear my compression sleeves is when I break my personal records. I'm looking forward to trying out the foot sleeves for added support during my runs, but until now I'm obsessed with the compression sleeves!

Follow Andi on Instagram: andisalazar.