Meet Run Forever Sports Ambassador Adam Ribeiro

American Ninja Warrior Adam Ribeiro

by Matt Lo Cascio

Run Forever Sports was created to help people throughout their running journeys. We love to hear from our customers and ambassadors about their successes, and today we want to tell you about RFS ambassador Adam Ribeiro. You might already know him from his Instagram account -- Adam Believe -- where he posts great pictures and videos of all his athletic endeavors. Ribeiro is proof that you don't have to be a lifelong runner to reach amazing heights. You just need to get started and find your passion.

"I started running when I joined a gym after high school but it was not until after my first Spartan Race that I became much more inspired to step up and work on my running," Ribeiro said. 

One of the main benefits he loves about running is that it helps him with all the other sports and physical activities he does.

"Ever since I became a runner I noticed how much my endurance improved for other training. It became better and I know how to control my breathing much more!"

Run Forever Sports ambassador Adam Ribeiro

But even the top runners we see on Instagram or YouTube have days where it feels like climbing a mountain just to get shoes on and get out of the house. He offers some great advice for those occurrences.  

"Just like any other sport, there are days that we feel like we are not progressing or we're doing a worse job than ever. However I just always keep pushing it and think back to why I started it and how much I've progressed. So it's no matter if my performance is not being the best for a day -- I just try to think in a positive way instead of bringing myself down!" 

Negative thought processes can kill our goals before we even attempt the feat at hand. That's why his "Always Keep Pushing It" motto is the perfect phrase to keep in mind when you're in one of those mental battles.

Ribeiro was definitely in one of those battles when he tackled his first long distance trail run. "My hardest race was my first 50k trail run called Big Bear 50k by Northeast Series Trail. It was also my very first 50k distance. It was brutal running through a 10k loop five times, especially when you begin your fourth loop and it becomes a mind game over everything!"

With the Big Bear 50k under his belt, Ribeiro has another big race he'd like to run. "I'd say my dream race currently is to do a World's Toughest Mudder 24-hour endurance event, and see how many miles I could achieve along with all the obstacles!"

Run Forever Sports ambassador Adam Ribeiro

Ribeiro was able to cross an item off his bucket list this year when he competed on the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior.

"This year I got my first chance to step on American Ninja Warrior course. It was beyond thrilling and an exciting experience! It's a TV show I've been following from my couch for years, and never would I have imagined that I would be there giving it a shot one day! This experience will for sure be a long lasting memory in my life!"

2017 has been a great year so far for Ribeiro. Besides appearing American Ninja Warrior, he was able to conquer his first Spartan Ultra Beast race, which consisted of 26.8 miles and 64 obstacles on an elevated track. He finished in 8:29 and took 7th place out of the 500 people that ran in his category. He also took third at the Terrain Racing 10km course in New England and finished his first 50km trail race in 6:28. 

We're happy to have a small part in his journey. Ribeiro races in Run Forever Sports Compression Socks. "I love them because they can be used for racing as well as recovery. It helps keep my ankles and calves feeling great during every race!"

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