KT Tape or Compression Socks?

KT Tape or Compression Socks?

KT Tape or Compression Socks? We are seeing this question pop up with more frequency so we thought we would break it down for our customers and readers.

What is KT Tape?

Kinesio Therapeutic Tape, aka KT Tape, is mainly used to increase blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid. The tape has to be positioned correctly, but when done properly it can reduce pressure and allow room for blood to flow better. It is different than traditional athletic tape. 

Is There a Difference Between KT Tape and Compression Socks?

Yes. Let's start with price. A roll of tape will normally run you about $20 and each application lasts around three to seven days. It's difficult to say how long one roll will last because it depends on how much you are using. But each roll of tape usually contains close to 20 strips of pre-cut tape. A pair of Compression Socks will cost you just about the same, but you will generally get a year of usage or more.

There are some other differences between KT Tape and Compression Socks. You will need to do a bit of learning and studying to make sure you apply KT Tape correctly. This differs from regular athletic tape, which is usually just wrapped tightly around the affected area to increase stability. There is a method to applying KT Tape. It's not rocket science, but with compression socks and compression sleeves, all you have to do is put them on -- something you've been doing since you were a toddler!

Both KT Tape and Compression Socks are helpful for runners. But compression socks serve multiple purposes. If you're wearing shoes you should be wearing socks anyway. Plus, compression socks will help alleviate pain, prevent injury, and increase blood flow to the calves and shins. You'd need to apply a lot of tape to do the same amount of work compression socks or sleeves do. The science behind advanced compression technology is well known. Think of the acronym R.I.C.E. -- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate. That has been around for a long time and orthos and doctors recommend that method even now. Not all are sold on the science behind KT Tape.

Run Forever Sports Compression Socks

So is one better than the other? Everyone has their personal preference, but when it comes down to application, cost, and efficacy, compression socks and compression sleeves seem like your best bet! You can get yours now right here at Run Forever Sports!