How to Treat and Prevent Runner's Knee

Run Forever Sports Knee Compression Sleeve

Runner's Knee is no joke. Anyone who has dealt with this injury can attest it's not a lot of fun, and it certainly throws a wrench into your training schedule. Like most injuries, Runner's Knee is your body's way of telling you your knee needs some attention. With that in mind, let's go over how to treat and prevent Runner's Knee.

WebMD says there are many reasons people develop Runner's Knee. Overuse, malalignment, weak muscles, unbalanced muscles, and cartilage breakdown are just a few of the ways Runner's Knee manifests itself. A trip to the doctor is in order to get your knee looked at if you are in a considerable amount of pain. But if you're just dealing with soreness and want to keep training, you've got to help that knee out with additional support. That's why we recommend the Run Forever Sports Knee Compression Sleeve.

Runner's Knee soreness can be alleviated with a Knee Compression Sleeve. It also creates better support for your knee while running. Our professional grade Knee Compression Sleeve limits vibration and micro-trauma to that area. It compresses the knee joint and offers increased support, as well as assisting in faster recovery. Let's take a look at some pictures of the Run Forever Sports Knee Compression Sleeve, and all its benefits.

Run Forever Sports Knee Compression Sleeve

Run Forever Sports Knee Compression Sleeve

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