Meet the Ambassador: Megan Berg

Run Forever Sports Ambassador Megan Berg

Meet Run Forever Sports Ambassador Megan Berg!

  • Favorite place to run: Lewis and Clark trails in Weldon Spring, MO.
  • Music that always gets you pumped to run: Unstoppable by Sia. It motivates and empowers me. Because confidence is everything. I also like It's my Life by Bon Jovi because we only have one life and life is too short.
  • Favorite races to run: Obstacle races, mud runs, trail races. I was always a pavement runner until I discovered trails a few years ago. Now I prefer trails because of the variety of the terrain options. I never get bored.
  • Best running accomplishment: I completed a full marathon in 2006. I was just a few minutes shy of Boston Marathon qualification. Before this race, I had done 5ks and a couple 10ks.
  • Favorite health benefit from running: Running has helped me overcome depression. I have never been happier and more confident. Running has been a huge part of my personal development journey.
  • Dream Race: I loved the Spartan Beast in Breckenridge, CO so I'd love to do another one if I could only run one more. I honestly have not thought about this question before. But I know I love running in the mountains.
  • Running goals:Recently I ran a 20 minute 5k which surpassed my goal of under 21 minutes. However, my real barrier is my hamstring tendonitis. I have dealt with that in the recent past and it has made me afraid to do speedwork. If I could stay injury free while incorporating speedwork I would be so grateful. Just being able to run is something I am grateful for.
  • Favorite runner that motivates you: Amelia Boone. I love reading her blog posts. She has overcome injuries like I have and she just wants to run happy. I look up to her a lot. There are many great runners out there that motivate me but I love everything that she stands for as a runner.
  • Favorite Run Forever Sports product: Compression Sleeves. When I have worn them so far, I have never had calf cramping during long distance runs. They also protect my legs from scrapes during mud races. I love how they fit and that they don't slide down my leg during a run. I even ran several miles with my key fob snug in it. It also fits a gel pack for during a race.

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