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If a doctor or friend has told you about using compression in your workout or daily life, you may be wondering, how does it work? How can compressing my foot, ankle or calf in a sleeve help enhance my workout and reduce pain?

The secret to leg compression is in the pressureand supportthat compression sleeves offer. These have two main benefits—increased blood flow and muscle stabilization. 

Increased Blood Flow
Targeted pressure increases circulation, helping to hydrate and oxygenate key muscle groups to keep them from cramping up. Better blood flow also means better removal of lactic acid, which helps reduce soreness after your workout. 
Muscle Stabilization
Compression holds muscles in place to reduce muscle oscillation, which can cause pain during and after workouts. Muscle stability also keeps your muscles aligned so that they can work more efficiently without having to balance themselves on top of the work they’re already doing. 
When you get a massage, you lie still and the masseur/masseuse both applies pressure to your muscles and moves them around to increase blood flow and relax the tissue. When you walk or run with a compression sleeve on, the compression sleeve applies pressure to your muscles and your own movement does the rest of the work—you are essentially giving your muscles a light massage while you workout! 
And compression doesn’t only help to reduce pain and relax muscle fatigue, it can help to maximize your workout before, during, and after.

Warm Up Faster
Wear your compression gear for a few minutes before starting your workout to begin hydrating and oxygenating your muscles before you begin to truly prepare for them for the training ahead 
Run Faster
Compression keeps your muscles aligned to maximize performance and reduce pain, while increased blood keeps your muscles fresh from start to finish
Recover Faster
Keep your compression gear on for a short time after working out to allow for full removal of lactic acid through continued enhanced blood flow, helping you to recover faster and reduce next-day soreness 
Compression really works, and we can’t wait for you to experience the difference. 
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